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    Words that connect with heart and humour.

  • Web Content and Copy Writing

    Connecting you with your clients.


    Written word - I'll craft the words for your web content and copy so that the reader hears your voice, grasps your ideas, and understands your message.


    Spoken word - Public speaking training, Comedy training and Presentation training to help you to leave the nerves behind and face your people with fun, connection and presence.


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  • Why Choose Wordcraft Studio?

    It’s a fair question; what can I offer you that other writers can’t?

    Experienced web content and copy writer Adelaide


    30 years and counting!

    I've been employed by peak organisations to write everything from marketing collateral to magazine articles, from media releases to government white papers, and from advertising copy to award-winning comedy.

    I’ve worked in every area from public affairs to public relations, marketing, advertising copy writing, stakeholder engagement, social media management and magazine editing and journalism.


    quality web content and copy writing Adelaide


    Great writing gets results

    If you can’t create quality content you don’t get to stay in the game, it’s as simple as that.

    I was part of the editorial team when SA Motor magazine won the SA Tourism award for best media and I’ve been in award-winning and award-nominated teams for comedy writing and performance.

    Great writing uplifts the reader; its rhythm helps your eyes skip through the words, easily giving up the information .

    NLP and human behaviour web content and copy writing Adelaide


    Knowing your people

    At the heart of great writing is the ability to both clearly articulate your message and also to understand how your audience listens to that message. I don’t use templates because every client is unique. Your story and your voice, conveyed in a way that makes your readers feel good, or moved towards action is the key to attracting the right people to your business.

    Clear messages web content and copy writing Adelaide


    Simple, clear messages

    All communication is an act of translation. It is a translation of the ideas and feelings with the intention of them being heard in as pure and accurate a manner as possible.

    The medium for that message will always have an influence on its translation. When it comes to writing you need someone with skill who knows how to use the various media available, knows your potential clients, and knows how to craft the words so that your message is heard with the least possible distortion.

    comedy and humour web content and copy writing Adelaide


    Make 'em smile

    A lightness of touch never goes wrong in writing.

    Where appropriate, humour can help deliver difficult messages with relative ease.

    Well crafted humour bypasses the logical side of the brain and hits the laughter button before the reader has time to think. This opens minds to new ideas where there was previously resistance, creates connection between writer and reader, and makes your potential clients look forward to hearing from you again.

  • About

    Wordcrafter - Maggie Wood

    Web content and copy writing Adelaide


    Writing is in my bones

    For almost three decades I ran a professional job by day and a passion-driven one in the evening.

    While I toiled daily in the salt mines of Corporate Communications I spent my evenings writing and performing in theatres and comedy clubs.

    Now these two worlds are combined in Wordcraft Studio to help you attract, connect and activate the people who matter to you.

    web content and copy writing Adelaide

    Work and Play

    Love and money

    With a background in advertising copy writing and Corporate Communications in the private sector, government and peak membership organisations – both in Australia and the UK - I bring a wealth of experience in writing to style and doing it quickly.

    A life lived by deadlines tends to focus the brain!.

    While the corporate work drilled my skills in the discipline of the craft, my creative side broke free writing and teaching stand-up comedy.

    Now a weathered comedy veteran of 16 years I’ve accumulated a modest array of benchmarks. With my colleagues from the groundbreaking show Titters! we won the People’s Choice Award from Adelaide Fringe in 2007. Along with my Three Stuffed Mums colleagues I was nominated for two awards (one of which we lost to Jacquie Weaver the year she won an Oscar, so we didn’t feel too deprived!).

    I’ve written produced and performed my own show The Joy Protocol, and lately have been part of a quartet The Petty Four, performing a mash up of stand-up comedy and a cappella singing, and I’ve been a theatre and comedy reviewer for over a decade.

    Web content and copy writing Adelaide

    What I Do

    What does this mean for you?

    It's a well known rule that people will more likely listen to, and buy from, those they like, know and trust.

    I cut through to the heart of your story, your business, and put that onto the page – or screen – to allow your clients to get to know not only who you are and what you do, but also why you do it. I help build that bridge and maintain that connection between you and your people, I craft the words to bring your ideas to the world.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations on writing, business and life.

    July 24, 2016
    We’ve come to a point in the development of the personal and business growth movement where I'm at the stage of feeling compelled to call bullshit on a significant section of it. Bullshit that there’s some kind of impending force that says becoming an ontra-pra-noor is the be-all and end-all. I...
  • Written Word

    “Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.”

    Website Content

    Greet visitors to your site and turn them into potential clients!


    • Explain how you can help them,
    • Tell them who you are,
    • Reassure them with tales from happy customers
    • Let them know how to contact you.


    I'll write your pages with the client's experience at top of mind. I'll bring the critical objectivity needed for precise messaging and visitor conversion.



    Newsletter Creation

    Let’s be real – all newsletters once delivered are on their way to the bin (or the trash file). 

    Great e-newsletters make that journey very slowly.


    • I'll write your newsletter to
    • Be effective, relevant and entertaining.
    • Develop your relationship with your audience.
    • Keep you at the front of mind for the services your business provides.
    • Crafted and pitched as the perfect vehicle for you.

    Social Media

    With more than one billion people active on Facebook alone at the time of writing, you can't ignore social media.

    Let me help you:

    • build a depth of connection with your people. 
    •  entertained, amuse and interest your followers
    • Build loyalty
    • Become their preferred supplier because they like, know and trust you. 

    Blog and Linkedin Articles

    Blog posts and Linkedin articles are great ways of further connecting with prospective friends, fans and clients.

    Blog posts can be whatever you want them to be, from industry news and commentary to your story, about how you got where you are and keep on doing what you do.


    • Become the expert voice in your field
    • Communicate your ideas and expertise
    • Develop links with peers in complementary industries
    • Get heard amongst the noise.

    Media Release

    It's time to get your message out into the big wide world.

    While social media is great you still can't surpass traditional media for clout and that golden nugget - third party endorsement! It's essential that your media release is in the right format both technically and content-wise so that editors will take notice of your message and get you in their pages.Get the right story angle for your preferred media

    • Have a  professionally produced release written
    • Get it distributed to appropriate media
    • Have supplelmentary hints and tips on handling media.


    Media Kit

    Less is more when you want to stay memorable.

    A well constructed media kit can be your silent online and offline sales buddy.

    Your media kit tells both your story and the story of your business

    • Neat, fast-reading copy 
    • Include achievements, testimonials, your USP and a dedicated general media release, 
    • Build your case as the authority and go-to person in your area of business for both the media and potential clients.


  • Spoken Word

    "People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude."

    - John C Maxwell

    Comedy & Presentation Training

    Laughter and confidence are two of the biggest attractors of others.

    It’s a liberating skill to be able to see the funny side of things, because when you can laugh at something, then that thing has ceased to have power over you.

    Humour creates resilience, rock solid presentation skills give you confidence and increase the enjoyment you have in life. People who know how to look at the light side of life are the people that others want to be around.

    I create a safe and supportive environment to allow you to develop and deliver your comedy in your voice.

    You'll learn about how comedy is constructed and about how you can use it to build rapport, tell your story and create an energetic connection with your audience.

    Take to the stage for public speaking and presentations with more confidence in your ability to really engage and reach into the hearts and minds of your audience.

    Media Training

    How do you deal with journalists? How do you act in front of the camera?

    Your first time dealing with the media can be nerve wracking, but if you've had great media training then you have an edge.

    As a past media spokesperson for a national UK organisation I know the pitfalls and the opportunities that lie with working for the media.

    Let me give you the benefit of my experience.



  • The Process

    Here's how we get to work!

    Planning web content and copy writing Adelaide

    1. Tell me what you need!

    Send me an email outlining your needs, including

    • Content type (website, blog post, social media etc). If web copy please provide the current URL
    • Deadline (if any) 
    • Any examples of what you may have already and a short explanation of why they don’t fit the bill for you any more right now
    • Is it new copy or rewriting/editing existing copy?
    • Will you provide all the information needed to complete the copy or is research required?
    • Who is your target market?
    Talk web content and copy writing Adelaide

    2. We tee up an initial chat

    Preferably we do it either in person or on Skype so that I get to see as well as hear you – if I’m going to write in your voice I need to get to know you! We talk more about your specific requirements so that I get a full picture of your needs.

    quote for web content and copy writing Adelaide

    3. The quote

    I will provide you a quote for services. If you wish to go ahead then I’ll send you an invoice for payment. A 50% deposit is required to commence work, with the balance due upon completion.


    Briefing for web content and copy writing Adelaide

    3. The brief

    Once the deposit is received I work up a written brief and send you the brief for approval. In my long experience written briefs are priceless treasure maps. They clarify exactly what is needed both in tone/quality and quantity, show us how we need to get to where we want to go and save work and money for both me and you down the line.

    Write web content and copy writing Adelaide

    5. The writing commences

    After you approve the brief I get to work writing. I may request further information from you as we go along.



    Review web content and copy writing Adelaide

    6. Review and approval

    You review your copy when I complete the job. The quote includes two rounds of revisions at no extra cost, but is often not needed because we got the darn brief right!


    celebrate great web content and copy writing Adelaide

    7. Job done!

    Now you're happy with your new copy I invoice you for the balance of the account.



  • Contact me

    As Paul McCartney sang "Send me a postcard, drop me a line, stating points of view..."

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